About Striper Mike

Ask-Mike"My name is Striper Mike. You may feel that such a name is a pompous assumption, especially in a community with such proficient anglers of all types, with as many great stories and catches as myself and more. None the less, the name was given to me by a local builder from Humarock...so I kept it! The Lore part of my site will offer you a guarantee, that all the stories and techniques are mine and true. I have been coming to Humarock for 30 years. 15 years ago, I bought my own part of paradise. I have been a fisherman most of my adult life..  Factually here is my angling resume, so to speak.. I have spent treasured time with Greg Beecher, the author of "Fish The Chair if You Dare". He was perhaps the most renowned giant bluefin Captain in the area....I was part of 6 epic Giant Blue Fin Tuna catches ....with of course  the sagas and pictures to prove it.  I had years on head boats and private yellow fin tuna charters and have caught over 50 yellow fins from the thrilling stand -up posture. I have been part of 3 shark fishing videos and once held the Conn. State record for a Blue Shark...408 lbs. on stand up gear....and a few years ago i was blessed to hook up and land a 70 lb blue fin tuna from the beach, striper fishing at night...... finally I am a passionate surf angler and have been on the winning side of many big linesiders....many, many, many, of which , I released after photos....So, concluding  , I hope to have many components to my site..tips...questions and answers....stories..photos etc.....sincerely ..Striper Mike"