Jay Sullivan asks:

Hi Mike

, Just found your web site, I really enjoyed browsing through it, and really liked your swimmer story, and I'm looking forward to reading the others. I have been Striper fishing for years sporadically with limited success. Finally got my first keeper from shore last year, it was up in Rockport fishing off the rocks with 1/2 cuts of fresh herring bought from D & B Bait n Glouster. Well I caught 5 keepers that day, which was a magic number, because my 4 buddies I was fishing with all got skunked. So we all had some fresh fish to bring home. The fish were all between 30 and 32" long, and it was the thrill of my lifetime catching them. I am a strong believer of catch and release with all my fishing, but my first keeper after so many years of trying tasted really good, and it was really nice to be able to share the rest of them with my buddies. So I'm still trying to catch a Striper of some real size, although I'm not sure my equipment will handle it. The son of a friend was fishing down in Humarock and viewed a nearby fisherman pulling a 40 incher,sparking my interest in that area. Any tips on tackle, bait, any how to's and directions would be greatly appreciated.

Looking forward to reading more of your stories, have a great weekend!

Thank You

Jay Sullivan ( Wrampski )

Ask-MikeStriper Mike's Answer:

Thanks for the great email Jay.....if you were to keep the great linesider....those were the size to do it. Sounds like you had a great day......those are fond memories.....You would be welcomed in to the fraternity of surfmen with the naturalistic attitude you have. I laughed when you said someone pulled a 40 incher out of the surf at humarock.....hmmmmm...wonder who that was????.....if you head to the scituate area.....try The Glades.....Egypt beach......and Peggoty Beach.....they are the easiest access for you....the other areas are quite private......those are notorious spots this time of year.........good luck.