Mike Huda asks:

Hi Mike:

Nice article on the ice fishing! I could feel the cold, as I know of those days that you referred to. I've been out on 2x on Lake Mashapaug and have caught just a handful of yellow perch. I know you are an avid ice man.....any tips?

Mike Huda

Ask-MikeStriper Mike's Answer:

Mike......nice hearing from you. Here is a tip that you may least expect. Think of your lake as if you had a boat in the late fall and were getting those "end of season" bass.....Well the season has not ended!!!! Go to those spots with Big Shiners, and fish them 2 ft off the bottom. Also use a lot of lead to deter the baits movement. The point is that , yes Bass do get lazy in the winter, but they are far from fasting. If they do not have to expend much energy, they will take a bait. Put it right on top of their head and watch your flags pop. Remember, bass taste swampy and take many years to get big up here due to the slow growth rate in these colder waters......so.....Please Practice Catch and Release.