Phil Nichols asks:

Dear Striper Mike, When dead stick fishing (from boat or shore) how do you hook a whole surf clam on a circle hook? Do you first poke the hook thru the rusty circle snout of the clam? Do you then put the hook thru many places on the clam? What kind of circle hook (brand, size, offset, etc.) do you use? Thank you.Yours in fishing,

-Phil Nichols

Ask-MikeStriper Mike's Answer:

Hi Phil.....i have found a couple of things with clams.....yes i use circle hooks, but i also use reg gamagatsu #7....the reason is that many times they TASTE the clam...and not immediately gulp it....without gulping it..the circle hook is a doubtful hookup. Another point.....alot is NOT always the best bet for stripers. I have caught as many.......perhaps not huge ones...on pieces of clams and not the whole glob....specially when fishing with sea clams....finally ..don't hesitate to snap hook them ...even if you miss they will chase it the few more feet and take it again...don't rely on a gulp..hook them on the nibble.......good luck.