PJ Mia asks:

Hello mike, nice website. my father and I are now hooked on surf fishing for stripers. we need to seriously upgrade our blue light specials. after visiting www.e-angler.com all day im confused and overwhelmed by all the spinning reels. I need advice from an expert!  looked at Penn ss series, Daiwa kastor, and shimano thunnus, of course many others. being only our 2nd year surf fishing I prefer a spinning reel over a bait caster. I plan on going with a m/h 10 ft rod , I need a reel to match. any advice would be greatly appreciated..does number of bearings make a big difference? like yourself, I have to go make the nail bleed.(carpenter).

 thank you very much, pj mia.

Ask-MikeStriper Mike's Answer:

Hi pj, this is a lot more simple than you think.....This is my suggestion for new surfcasters. This will seem odd. but after decades of using this reel and having it go through every possible condition including self repair and drag replacement..........I RECOMMEND THE OL PENN704,,,,spend under a hundred and have it forever....PS, if you want to make it even easier to maintain..drill two holes in the bottom of the reel.....the water runs out after rinsing etc

........Good Luck.........Striper Mike..

also.........http://www.thesurfcaster.com..... great place to shop.