Skip asks:

Dude, I was walking the beach with my girl last Monday Columbus day and I saw this guy hooked up to a big fish, that looked like you fighting it.  Was it you? I know your from around the humarock area.  A woman took a picture of it after you landed it.  It was huge. I was quite impressed , but my girl said to leave you alone, so I never came up and said hi. If it wasn't you, sorry for making you jealous over it.

Skip Gregmeyer


Ask-MikeStriper Mike's Answer:

Hello Skip, guess what was me....and that was quite a catch....a very very heavy 40 inch fish. I hope you noticed me put it back and if your turn comes for a big one from the beach I hope you remember to do the same thing.  By the way. The lady who took the picture was my wife.....check it out!!

Striper Mike