Captain Rick Rozen

If you want to fill your freezer with perfect fillet size cod..haddock.and is the time to go.  The trip is short....and the fish are plentiful.  In our world , where more and more of our food seems tainted and artificial, wouldn't it be great to go on a charter and KNOW you are going to limit out.....with the results being natures food at its finest.  The haddock are very plentiful now .having made a great comeback.  Now the special part...Capt Rick a blast from the past....old school......a fishaholic.non-stop...line in the water guy.  When you go with will be exhausted upon return.  He will give you 10 hrs of memorable cod fishing....just like the old days.  This is the time for lots of dinner cod etc.......and not just one or two steakers in the summer months.  The facts of it all...900$ for 6 guys ......and assuming .15%....$150 for the mate. Start the season off early with a bent boat rod and some totes of cod...tell Rick. Striper mike sent you.