Fishing Tips


Don't you wish you could cast a alewives/herring as far as possable from the shore without it coming loose?

Bring Two Rods!

Always bring two rods, use one for bait and the other for casting.

Check Your Ancillary Equipment!

The tip this edition is on the ancillary equipment in your surf bag.

How to Treat your Bait

Treat your bait like Gold. When you are going to freeze your fresh bought bait, you must do it the right way.

March Fishing

Around the first week in march, old time rumor has it that the water temperature reaches a point where codfish can be caught with a long cast and a nice clam bait.

Be ready!

When you are should be rehearsing, or remembering.

Change Your Bait Frequently!

When you are bait fishing be sure to CHANGE your bait frequently, every 15 min or so, do this even if the crabs etc. are not bothering your bait.

Don't Lose Your Fish!

Nothing is more of a pain when a fish takes your bait , then to have it swim toward shore after the take.

Important Quick Tips!

Re-tie all the terminal tackle before each outing and after each big fish. Terminal tackle is the set up from the end of the line to the end of the hook...

Needle-Fish Plug Use

Needle-Fish Plug Use

These renowned plugs made by various companies and are great in rough surf and wind. It is ideal if sand eels are on the menu for the linesiders that day.

Bluefish Tips

If they are in a feeding frenzy then any active approach will work, but sometimes you have to trigger their feeding instinct.

Change Your Line

This one is very very simple - not nearly done enough and has probably been the cause of more nice stripers getting away.

How To Release A Big Cow

Take her back down to the surf line. It's best to maintain a firm grip on her lower lip - a big fish will require two hands on the lip.

Leader Usage

These are very personal leader preferences that I use - you may have different approaches but...


There is no question that certain lures and plugs are best suited for stripers at varied points and conditions in the season.  But there is also belief I have that I hope you consider!

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