Fishing Tips

Proper Catch and Release

A released fish has an excellent chance of survival when handled carefully and correctly.

Striper Stealth

Be quiet, be successful... Although we assume the ocean is loud and fish are used to the noise, the cows are very aware of any sound that is out of character.

Traditional Poppers

The popper is made in various shapes and sizes from half ounce versions to 3 ounce versions, they come in wood and synthetic.

Spring Stripers

Spring Stripers will readily hit artificial lures. You will see and probably use most of your "tin" lures and use them with success.

Stripers Have Great Vision!

Are you aware of how visible your terminal tackle is, even in the dark?

When to Surf-Cast

If I were to give one tip on the whens of fishing... I would not include tides, weather, barometric pressure or time in the season.

Striped Bass Detect Shades

Without question the shade they are most drawn too is RED.  I put red eyes on my lure and many times...

Swimmer Plugs

Some of the reasons why I find this to be perhaps the best all around artificial from shore is because you can  fish it day or night, with a teaser or without, preferably slow but can be retrieved any speed you wish.

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