How To Release A Big Cow

Do you  know how to release a BIG COW?

 ..........take her back down to the surf line. It's best to maintain a firm grip on her lower lip. a big fish will require two hands on the lip. DO NOT GRAB THE GILL if possable.....if you must....only the outer rim of the gill plate,not the gill itself!!  If you must, hold her in your arms rather than gill plate her. As a wave rushes up, ideally you will find yourself in no more than ankle to knee deep wash. Waste no time in sticking her head under, and start moving her face from side to side forcefully swishing plenty of water through her mouth and gills. It helps if you can try to "right" her into swimming position (back up, belly down), but it's hardly necessary. They usually respond well to forcefully swishing their heads around, and they will quickly "kick out" of your grip and swim away sort of slow and confused, but none the worse for wear! Bottom line, never take one eye off the incoming water during any revival attempt, and if you ever even think you suddenly find yourself out a little too deep, let go of the fish and get out of there ASAP. She'll do what she has to without you risking your life over my case however...with a sandy beach as my arena....I wait until I am sure..she will survive the release.  If you are going to be a sportsman and release that great it the right way! Your fulfillment with be more genuine if you are sure she is still swimming.