Important Quick Tips!

Tip # 1:

Re-tie all the terminal tackle before each outing and after each big fish. Terminal tackle is the set up from the end of the line to the end of the hook. The knots must be of approved strength. Email me for a personal palomar knot lesson.

Tip # 2:

Use a new hook on each outing and resharpen after each bite. There are good pocket sharpeners on the market now.

Tip # 3: 

Be wary of the soft bite of a huge fish. Trophy Striped Bass are expert feeders. These huge fish suck in and expel the food at an alarming speed. They will give you what I call "the soft bite." You should hold the rod at all times. Do not put it in the rod holder and expect the trophy linesider to swallow your hook. It does happen and those successes breed the laziness of the use of the rod holder. Waiting for the rod to bow, while in the rod holder, is one of the reasons why my numbers and size surpass the occasional shore anglers, where this practice is common place. Get your knots tight and hooks sharp and ask around for the Hot Spots.