Stripers Have Great Vision!

Are you aware of how visible your terminal tackle is......even in the dark??  For some reason, striped bass often get grouped with the other "big" fish from the surf...the bluefish.  However, they are much more wary than their toothy cohort.  Their senses for inshore feeding are much keener than the voracious bluefish , who ends up near the shore because the bait ended up there.  The stripers huge eyes and their position on their head, gives them a wide range of vision as well as the ability to dilate and reduce their pupil.  They can create light when we see none and can reduce the glare when we see brightness.  Do not use big ..bulky..terminal tackle unless the conditions are extreme enough to call for it.  It is simple...they will see it along with your attached bait...and your  best end result will be a frisky schoolie.  The big cows chuckle at over equipped lead throwers.  Skill should land the good fish...not beefed up equipment...good luck.