Swimmer Plugs

This edition...lets talk about SWIMMER PLUGS.  They consist of many shapes and motions.  All of course depicting the wounded baitfish.  Some are jointed, or in two sections...this causes a different  motion in the retrieve.  Mambo Minnows, Red Fins, Rapalas etc.are swimmer plugs.. Some of the reasons why I find this to be perhaps the best all around artificial from shore, is because you can  fish it day or night....with a teaser or without..... preferably slow but can be retrieved any speed you wish. The traditional side to side wobble of a swimmer is hard for most stripers to resist.  Be sure to have swimmers, note I said plural, size and color variance can matter alot, in your box.  I cant say I have landed huge stripers from the beach on swimmers but I have landed many stripers in the shallow water area that these plugs were designed for.  Please practice catch and release.