Traditional Poppers

The popper is made in various shapes and sizes from half ounce versions to 3 ounce versions...they come in wood and synthetic.  Most anglers only see the popper as being effective when thrashed through the water with a huge amount of commotion. and usually they are right.  Don't hesitate to slow the retrieve down on calm days....even poppers can give you a nice swim pattern if retrieved slowly......and sometimes that is just how Mr. Linesider wants it.!!  The bluefish really like the big splashing but a big striper needs alittle more time to contemplate his strike and slowing it down can give him that  time period to make his decision.  One other note. I have NEVER hooked up with a popper at I do not suggest this plug in the dark.  My favorite poppers are made by Gibbs and atom.......find your favorites and watch the thrill of a surface strike.......Poppers Works!!