Striper Ceviche

2 lbs small, thin, preferably 28"-30" striper pieces, least 1 cup lemon juice

Marinate fish 4-6 hours in lemon juice in refrigerator.  Make a sauce of the following ingredients:

2 cups chopped onion...1/2 cup tomato puree...1/2 cup tomato juice...1 tablespoon salt...2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce...1 teaspoon Tabasco...2 small green chilies, chopped...3 firm tomatoes, chopped... chopped parsley

Pour off half the lemon juice, add sauce and let stand overnight.  If too dry, add a little more of the marinade.  Serve with crackers or as first course on lettuce leaves.

Yes, that's right, raw fish will cook from the extensive acid of lemon juice!