Some guys only fish sunrise and sunset when hurling hope from the surf. I tend to prefer tides ..water volume...darkness etc and in combination is super.  My day of surfcasting was contemplated last night and Rugby's beach walk would come first today...630am!



Although it made for a bright day of fishing.....the tide was not high until 11 am. Nine o'clock would be plenty early enough on a day in August that I predicted to be a sun tan day and not a foam feeding folly.

I could see the birds from my house as we walked to the beach. I resorted to tugging my poor bulldog to get a clear view of the event. The dune crest exposed it before my eyes..a bluefish FRENZY! Visible fish can juice you up faster than an electric shock. There were schools everywhere and easily within casting distance from my beloved sand setting. My idle pulse rate spiked to god knows where in a sec. I was JUICED.

As I dragged my poor faithful companion back to the house, I didn't have the time to "explain " why our walk was about 40 ft up and back!!!! I explained it to him later that night.

I swept up my tackle box and 9ft lamiglass as I sprinted back out the door. I ran to the beach....I run when I am very makes me even more excited. I thrive on the adventure of it all. Exhaustion amplifies the fury of a FRENZY.

Blue and white atom popper. That's my ticket for this savagery. They can beat the hell out of it and I don't care. My Gibbs are to precious to me. First cast was actually to far ...That's how close the school was to the beach. I dragged it as fast as I could to bring it through the chopping circle. Nothing. I reeled back in and took a breath so as to fish withmore control amidst a lot of chaos! The next cast was flip of the wrist and it bulls eyed the mark. The plug hitting the water and the fish biting was simultaneous. Most bluefish Frenzies are.


They were going nuts!!!!

Now that I had this school right where it was fishable for me I proceeded to rack up 10-12 lbers one after another. Land it...needle nose the hooks out..and throw it back. It was great fun. I said to myself. I will do this until the school isn't worth chasing any longer or it goes out to sea ....Or when I catch 20 of these battlers. Yup I said 20!

Others had come down to pick their dinner from the school and went home with big smiles and nice bluefish....I ran after the school. I like to fish......not the FISH. I was trying for the 15th fish ... that's no fib!!. The school was all mine as the last two guys were casting quite a ways from me now. At this point I was yanking the now destroyed atom, as fast as possible to make the strikes even cooler. I pulled it to the crest of a wave and ol mr. chopper hurled himself out of the wave and extended completely toward the plug....and missed it.  Another fish missed also!.....but 100ft from shore, this fish was not expected...or welcomed by humans or the bluefish that IT was FRENZYING on!

I have landed many sharks. Combining that with a never ending respect and curiosity for these great fish.......made me absolutely sure that the 5 foot, white bellied demon, I just saw roll in 7 feet of water ....was a MAKO.!

I felt the color drain from my face and looked around to see if anyone else had seen it. Apparently not. Take 5 seconds to guess what I did next....1 2 3 4 5 ....Your right! I cast out again...hooked a bluefish and made it struggle to attract the mako . Nothing doing.  Even when I pulled the bluefish away from the school and exposed it in the open water. The mako did not strike it. Landing that 15th bluefish was enough for me. The school peeled away and my quivering slowly ceased. This ended around 8 ish in the morn. I dwelled on it as I still saw many schools crashing the peanut bunker, but off shore now.

The red suits are very obvious on a public beach.  The life guards were arriving at Humarock ...... One of the town of Scituates lovely beaches. It was going to be a sunny day.  Do I act like the mayor of that JAWS town and go down and possibly ruin a beach day??

What finally convinced me as I approached the squad of lifeguards was how young they appeared. Would a dash of reality this strong be something they can handle?...Because let me tell you something!! Bluefish are the filet mignon for mako shark...and a school of them for one or more makos is very dangerous for all living things in proximity of that.

"see those diving birds and splashing fish?" course we do...they are bluefish. "your right and I just caught a bunch of them...but the reason for my being here is that there are many schools and in the one I was chasing up and down the beach .....was more than just bluefish!!" There is at least one mako shark dining on the bluefish." I explained to them...."normally I truly believe many things living in harmony in the ocean ......I'm sure there are sharks near the beach a lot and nothing has ever happened! But this is not natural culling..... This is a FRENZY.....where everything is either attempting to bite or flight...or in the bluefish case..... BOTH.

Their gaping jaws didn't deliver any words to me after my testimony. Finally one of them said we will call the town hall and tell them. My comment was.."whatever you feel is the best thing."

News spreads fast..That day the beach was packed........maybe the water was extra cold, because no one was in the water, cept to cover their toes. Well maybe that wasnt the reason!!

Beaches are where the oceans become shallow enough for man to enjoy. But it remains part of the ocean.......and in the ocean.....there are untold coincidences and moments and micro seconds of incredibleness. That's why I surf cast. For a chance to walk the oceans edge.........."there is a lot to see if you are there to see it"..........become privy to it all........become a surfcaster.